Competition Programme-Documentary Film

When the Persimmons Grew

7.00 KM
21. August 2019  at   15:00
Multiplex Cinema City - Hall 1
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7.00 KM

Immobile in a home in which the sands of time fall to the rhythm of rural Azerbaijani sounds, a mother waits for her son. When he arrives, their conversations circle around existential questions and news from afar, troubling and cryptic. Unrest cloaks the world outside. Mother and son grow closer, silence melts into words, and life springs up between them. The son leaves, and winter settles upon the forever-outdated house, in which temporalities blur and past and present beat to the rhythm of the same clock.

Director: Hilal Baydarov
Screenplay: Hilal Baydarov
Director of Photography: Hilal Baydarov
Editor: Hilal Baydarov
Sound: André Fèvre
Producer: Georg Tiller, Hilal Baydarov, Ranaïvojaona Maéva
Production: Ucqar Film, Subobscura Films
Contact: Subobscura Films;