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The Museum of Forgotten Triumphs

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada | 2018 | 87 min | Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian
4.00 KM
20. August 2019  at   14:45
Multiplex Cinema City - Hall 4
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4.00 KM

The director looks at the collapse of former Yugoslavia, the country of his birth, through the prism of his grandparents' lives. Filmed sporadically over a period of fifteen years, the film follows a humorous and lively old couple from the imediate post-war period in Bosnia until the last days of their lives.

Director: Bojan Bodružic
Screenplay: Bojan Bodružic
Director of Photography: Bojan Bodružic
Editor: Bojan Bodružic
Music: Alexandre Klinke, Bojan Bodružic
Sound: Bojan Bodružic
Producer: Bojan Bodružic, Igor Drljaca
Production: Japanese Polka Dancing Films
Contact: Bojan Bodružic;