Competition Programme - Documentary Film

The Family / Družina

Director: Rok Biček
Slovenia, Austria | 2017 | 106 min | Slovenian
7.00 KM
14. August 2017  at   15:00
Multiplex Cinema City - Hall 1
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7.00 KM

THE FAMILY follows Matej over the course of 10 years. As a teenager, he already had to take care of his mentally challenged parents and elder brother. When he became a father at the age of 20, it seemed as if he would be able to create a family of his own. However, his behaviour and personality patterns that arise from living in a dysfunctial family disrupt his new young family's peace ...

Director: Rok Biček
Director of Photography: Rok Biček
Editor: Rok Biček, Yulia Roschina
Music: Doris Day, David Guetta, Siddharta
Sound: Julij Zornik
Producer: Erna Gorše Biček
Production: Cvinger film
Contact: Cvinger film;
Cast: Matej Rajk, Nia Kastelec, Barbara Kastelec, Alenka Rajk, Mitja Rajk, Boris Rajk, Ivka Gruden, Emanoela Škulj, Robert Krese, Aleksej Kastelec, Estera Dvornik, Gabrijela Simetinger

Rok Biček
2017 – DRUŽINA / THE FAMILY (documentary)
2009 – LOV NA RACE / DUCK HUNTING (short film)
2008 – DAN V BENETKAH / DAY IN VENICE (short film)