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The Church of Tenacity / İnat Kilisesi

Director: Muhammed İbrahim Şişman
Turkey | 2017 | 48 min | Bosnian

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The documentary sheds a light on a key period in Bosnian history, years between 1992 and 1995, during which two hundred thousand people lost their lives and two million people became displaced. It tells the story of Fata Orlović’s struggle and legendary resistance to remove a church built on her land and a Serbian family from her house after returning home after the war.

Director: Muhammed İbrahim Şişman
Screenplay: Muhammed İbrahim Şişman
Director of Photography: Fatih Turan
Editor: Onur Hüseyin Kılınç
Music: Berkan Şahin
Sound: Göksel Tuzun
Producer: Muhammed İbrahim Şişman

Muhammed İbrahim Şişman