Competition Programme-Student Film


Serbia | 2019 | 19 min

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Ena and Sale – both of them destructive and hungry for life – meet. As they are trying to interpret their feelings, the two are pressured by the burdens of their past and haunted by their fears. Through acts of aggression on the outskirts of a dirty city, they test the limits of their love.

Director: Nikola Stojanovic
Screenplay: Nada Petrovic
Director of Photography: Mladen Teofilovic
Editor: Nikola Stojanovic
Costume Design: Ana Petrovic
Production Design: Nikola Stojanovic, Nada Petrovic
Producer: Tijana Savic, Stefan Momic, Nikola Stojanovic, Mladen Teofilovic, Jovan Sibinovic
Production: Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade
Contact: Nikola Stojanovic;
Casting: Nada Petrovic
Cast: Jelena Tjapkin, Branko Perišic, Stela Cetkovic, Branislav Platiša