Competition Programme-Documentary Film

If Only Dreams Came True

Croatia | 2019 | 55 min

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Sandra Jurak worked for a sports news desk and as a personal assistant to a showbiz celebrity. By chance, she loses both jobs and must “return home” to her mother’s small flat in the neighbourhood she left 30 years ago. Everyone has to pay the bills, so Sandra accepts all kinds of work: she cleans other peoples’ flats, takes care of the building, and cares for an elderly woman. However, Sandra’s greatest dream is to earn money as a musician. She has never made use of her celebrity connections, nor of all the time she has spent in recording studios. Time has flown by; Sandra is now 50 years old and 20 kilos overweight, so becoming “famous” appears to be mission: impossible – but Sandra hopes it is never too late. She applies to participate in a television show in the hope that it will be her lucky break.

Director: Višnja Skorin
Screenplay: Višnja Skorin
Director of Photography: Srdan Kovacevic
Editor: Višnja Skorin
Music: Sandra Jurak
Sound: Hrvoje Štefotic
Producer: Lado Skorin
Production: 3D2D Animatori
Contact: Višnja Skorin;