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Enemies / Neprijatelji

Director: Emir Zumbul Kapetanović, Sead Kreševljaković
Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2017 | 52 min | Bosnian, Serbian
5.00 KM
13. August 2017  at   22:00
Multiplex Cinema City - Hall 4
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5.00 KM

Daut Tihić managed to survive the war thinking that he had killed an enemy soldier in the woods. After the Dayton Agreement is signed, Daut returns to his hometown and sits in a cafe with his friends, where he sees a familiar man. Daut realises that Dane, the soldier he "killed" is healthy and alive. Former enemies become good friends and start a business together, giving an example of coexistence and forgiveness.

Director: Emir Z. Kapetanović, Sead Kreševljaković
Screenplay: Emir Z. Kapetanović, Sead Kreševljaković
Director of Photography: Amel Đikoli
Editor: Emir Z. Kapetanović
Music: Dino Šukalo
Sound: Samir Hrković
Producer: Sead Kreševljaković
Production: Al Jazeera Balkans

Emir Zumbul Kapetanović
Sead Kreševljaković