Competition Programme-Documentary Film

Daughter of Camorra

Slovenia, Italy | 2019 | 79 min
7.00 KM
17. August 2019  at   19:00
Multiplex Cinema City - Hall 1
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7.00 KM

Former Camorra killer Cristina Pinto is facing the challenges of everyday life after her discharge from prison. Soon after her release, her partner Rafaele, 20 years older than she, is diagnosed with lung cancer. Pinto seeks refuge with her 28-year-old daughter Ellena, and tries to bridge a 24-year-old void in their relationship. At the age of 46, Pinto tries to re-establish herself as a lover, mother, and grandmother. Is she able to overcome her violent history and live in a loving relationship with her closest ones? Is she able to love?

Director: Siniša Gacic
Screenplay: Anka Pirš
Director of Photography: Siniša Gacic
Editor: Andrej Nagode
Music: Damir Avdic
Sound: Alberto Bernardi
Producer: Dunja Klemenc
Contact: Dunja Klemenc;