Director: Angela Al Souliman
Belgium | 2018 | 9 min | English

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CHEERS! highlights the difficulties of communication between two humans who belong to different cultures and different memories. Is the love between a Syrian and a European strong enough to transcend the differences between them?

Director: Angela Al Souliman
Screenplay: Angela Al Souliman
Director of Photography: Hans Bruch Jr.
Editor: Kinshuk Surjan
Sound: Mahmoud Zourob
Producer: Gwendolyn Lootens & Gawan Fagard
Production: Cinemaximiliaan
Contact: Gawan Fagard, Gwendolyn Lootens;
Cast: Angela Al Souliman, Joachim Michaux

Angela Al Souliman
2018 – CHEERS! (kratki film / short film)
2015 – SELAVI (kratki film / short film)