Competition Programme - Documentary Film, Shorts

Bigger Than Life

Director: Adnan Softić
Germany, Macedonia, Italy | 2018 | 30 min | English

This film screens As part of the program Bigger Than Life / 4 Years in 10 Minutes .To buy tickets To this program, click here .
This film screens As part of the program European Shorts 3 .To buy tickets To this program, click here .

In Skopje, a government plan costing several hundred million euros is creating a brand new, ancient city centre; the project is called Skopje 2014. So far, some 30 government buildings and museums, as well as countless monuments in the classicall style, have been erected in the Macedonian capital, in an attempt to put Skopje on par with Rome and Athens. In some cases, existing socialist structures were incorporated into the new builds. A city looks for a future in history – Macedonia is inventing itself as a nation with historical status based on a model of antiquity that never existed in that form. Will that be something new? Will we buy that (hi)story?

Director: Adnan Softić
Screenplay: Adnan Softić
Director of Photography: Helena Wittmann, Adnan Softić
Editor: Nina Softić
Music: Daniel Dominguez Teruel, Adnan Softić
Sound: Daniel Dominguez Teruel
Producer: Adnan Softić
Production: Adnan Softić
Contact: Adnan Softić;
Cast: Alexey Liosha Kokhanov, Pauline Jacob

Adnan Softić
2018 – BIGGER THAN LIFE (dokumentarni film / documentary)
2014 – WIE SCHNEE VON GESTERN / LIKE WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE (kratki film / short film)