BH Film

Amateri, or The Lost Innocents

Director: Graeme Cole
United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia | 2017 | 20 min | English

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A jaded cyborg VJ visits an abandoned city on the Dalmatian coast, following rumours of a stash of forgotten VHS tapes - the only kind of movie this videophile can watch since the license expired for her prosthetic eyes. On arrival, she finds that the GPS of the city has become warped and the maps no longer make sense. She begins to suspect she is being guided towards a place by unknown forces.

Director: Graeme Cole
Screenplay: Graeme Cole
Director of Photography: Graeme Cole
Editor: Graeme Cole
Music: Iogann Admoni, Aleksandr Chernov
Sound: Graeme Cole
Costume Design: Aleksandra Niemczyk
Production Design: Aleksandra Niemczyk
Producer: Graeme Cole, Sunčica Fradelić
Production: Sarajevo Film Academy, L'Institute Zoom, Kino Klub Split
Cast: Edita May

Graeme Cole