Director: Juan Pablo Libossart, Ali Dlakić
Sweden, Estonia | 2016 | 15 min | Swedish

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AMALIMBO is the tale of Tipuana, a five-year-old girl who experiences limbo when she tries to pass to “the other side” in a desperate urge to meet again with her recently deceased father. It is a short story that takes place in an undefined place – and also in an undefined future.

Director: Juan Pablo Libossart
Screenplay: Juan Pablo Libossart
Editor: Juan Pablo Libossart
Music: Åsa Carlson, Anders Kjellberg
Sound: Gustaf Berger, Lars Wignell
Production Design: Roland Seer
Producer: Johanna Lind
Animation: Roland Seer, Denis Chapon, Miguel Mealla Black
Contact: Fasad; Johanna Lind,
Cast: Margaretha Ulfendahl, Anna Odell

Juan Pablo Libossart
2016 – AMALIMBO (short film) Ali Dlakić