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3 Women Or (Waking Up From My Bosnian Dream) / 3 Žene Or (Waking Up From My Bosnian Dream)

Director: Sergio Flores Thorija
Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2016 | 106 min
5.00 KM
14. August 2017  at   20:00
Multiplex Cinema City - Hall 4
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5.00 KM

Ivana, Clara and Marina are three women from different backgrounds living in Sarajevo at the same time. Each one fights to achieve their goals in their own way, but find themselves in conflict with a society that doesn’t accept anything beyond certain norms of behaviour.

Director: Sergio Flores Thorija
Screenplay: Sergio Flores Thorija
Director of Photography: Sergio Flores Thorija
Editor: Sergio Flores Thorija
Production Design: Bianca Lucas
Producer: Béla Tarr, Emina Ganić, Michel Franco, Moisés Zonana
Production: Film Factory, Lucia Films
Cast: Ivana Vojinović, Clara Casagrande, Marina Komšić

Sergio Flores Thorija