Sabanci and Kisa Kes present

The Night Before

Turkey, Czech Republic, France | 2019 | 17 min

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Ilker is middle-aged man who works as a forensic pathologist for an autopsy service. The most exciting thing in his sedentary life is going to the same bar every day after work and stalking a young woman who works there as a barmaid. He desperately falls in love with her, but does not have the courage to talk to her until one particular day arrives.

Director: Demet Derelioglu Aran
Screenplay: Demet Derelioglu Aran
Director of Photography: Cedric Larvoire
Editor: Demet Derelioglu Aran
Music: Guillaume Cochard Lemoine
Sound: Muro Chaloupka
Costume Design: Zeynep Özbayrak
Production Design: Zeynep Özbayrak
Producer: Demet Derelioglu Aran, Murat Buldanlioglu
Production: D-event, Independents Club, The Lab Media Productions, Sleepwalker
Contact: The Lab Media Production;
Casting: Mayadrom Ajans
Cast: Yigit Sertdemir, Gulhan Kadim, Ipek Erdem, Engin Sahin, Romine Buldanlioglu, Ayse Akcan