Competition Programme - Short Film

The Translator / Çevirmen

Director: Emre Kayis
Turkey | 2014 | 23 min | Turkish

Yusuf is a 13 years old refugee who lives in a small Turkish border town in exile. He works on a sand
quarry to support his family. The only two interesting things in Yusuf’s life are the tumbling pigeons and
15 years old Amina. One day she comes to him asking for his help, which makes him excited but after
realizing her intention Yusuf finds himself in a position that gives him unique power. He has to make a
decision between using this power wisely and abusing it.

Director: Emre Kayis
Screenplay: Emre Kayis
Director of Photography: Nick Cooke
Editor: Ricardo Saraiva
Sound: Adel Gamehdar
Costume Design: Billur Turan
Production Design: Billur Turan
Producer: Oytun Kal
Production: Vice Versa Films, London Film, School, Turkish General Directorate of Cinema
Contact: Vice Versa Films,
Cast: Sherko Ali, Gamze Kaçak, İlke Can

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